Redscout Presents Spur – Episode 4: The Client’s Relationship With Planning. Is Planning Handicapped By “Advertising”?


Over the next two months, PSFK will be hosting Redscout's SPUR video series. It will explore the intersection of brands, strategy, innovation and the world of account planning. We hope to spark a lively discussion, and inspire those working in the field.

  • 15 december 2009

Please visit Redscout’s Vimeo page t0 watch all of the SPUR episodes.

Our first three episodes looked at how planners see planning and how the industry sees planning. In our fourth episode, we explore clients’ relationship with planning and how the craft is valued overall.

Clients are getting what they want from agencies, but are clients getting what they need from planners? What are they paying for and what are they getting? We also ask the question, is the value of planning limited by what advertising or communications inherently provides? To a hammer, is everything a nail?

Simple questions that cut to the core of the traditional agency model. All agree that the potential is to go further upstream and truly impact a Client’s business. And that, somehow, planning may be trapped within a potentially out-dated and self-perpetuating model.

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