STACKD: Hyperlocal Communication To Enable Sharing

STACKD: Hyperlocal Communication To Enable Sharing

Why talk to someone across the globe when you get can talk to the person upstairs?

Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 4 december 2009

In our culture of 24/7 connectivity, it’s exciting to know that we can chat up anyone across the globe, but what about the people that work on the floor above you or even down the hall? You might nod at them and say hello as you ride the elevator together every day, but typically the conversation ends there.


STACKD is a hyperlocal social network for individual buildings developed by strategic design firm SUPERMETRIC under the belief that based on proximity alone, these communications have a great deal of importance in our lives. As the website explains, they’re hoping to enable office neighbors to get together over business or beers and share resources – from extra conference room space to new projects.

The newest Beta version of the platform was just released and the service now includes an internal message board for each building. Sign-up is free.


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