According to a recent trend piece in The New York Times many young men have begun to return to the dapper put-together look of bygone eras.

Often times on the subway (and usually during rush hour) many New Yorkers will make assessments about their fellow strap-hangers occupations from what they’re wearing on their way to work. While this may be base and superficial, in this new world of green collar, creative class, and working remotely- the usual tell-tale signs of employment like a crisp suit and briefcase no longer explain much about it’s wearer’s job situation. A smartly dressed young man with a laptop in his shoulder bag could just as easily be going to work as a programmer at Google than to his school’s library to study. For those who work in fashion or the art world, your uniform might be more likely to be a tasteful black dress than a designer pantsuit. So what does this mean for those who are hoping to dress for success in 2010, which looks to be only slightly less economically unstable than the previous year? Using the conventional advice “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” how does one even begin to pick out an outfit when maneuvering the post-recession workplace?

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