Contest Watchers: Opportunity Aggregation

Contest Watchers: Opportunity Aggregation

Contest Watchers helps artists, designers and students keep track of available contests around the world.

Francisco Hui
  • 14 january 2010

Contest Watchers is an interesting service that helps artists, designers and students keep track of available contests across a range of categories around the world. The site aggregates information on rules, deadlines, entry fees, who’s hosting the competition, and where to join.

They explain their mission:

If you are an art student you can use Contest Watchers to quickly discover scholarship opportunities. If you are looking for workshops, you can count on us too.

This website is also intended for promoting upcoming and already famous artists. We always publish the names of the contest winners because we want the world to be able to get to know them. Listing your name on Contest Watchers can inspire other people, it can help companies, but most of all it can help you. Winning a contest that has been featured on Contest Watchers gives you the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience.

We are also helping the people that organize contests. By creating a centralized on-line location for contests, we are giving the organizers a chance to reach broader audience and achieve the best possible results for their contests.

[via Jelani Curtis]

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