Emerging Theme: Pressure Management

Emerging Theme: Pressure Management

How are people dealing with emerging health issues brought on by anxiety?

Kyle Studstill
  • 6 january 2010

Last month PSFK was able to speak with Dr. Jay Parkinson of Hello Health. After a discussion about the prevalence of obesity among Americans we asked what he sees as the next major health concern that we will have to deal with on a cultural level.

Dr Parkinson’s immediate response was to speak towards the emerging issues of mental health related to anxiety. These are issues fostered by the increasing demands on both our time and relationships with others that have come along with the connectivity brought on by new technologies.

We at PSFK have seen some interesting cultural reactions focused on managing these pressures, manifested in a handful of recent observations below.

(Pic) Vending Machine Gives People A Break, Literally


By fitting a standard vending machine with breakable objects set to shatter upon purchase, the Anger Release Machine offers passersby an easily available vent for their frustration.

2010: The Rise of ‘Anti-Energy’ Drinks

2010: The Rise of 'Anti-Energy' Drinks

Mary Jane’s represents a movement towards relaxation in a high-stress world. Their all-natural formula flies in the face of the last decade’s popular synthetic drinks, which were contrived to stimulate an abundance of energy.

Buying Less, American Consumers Find That Experience Matters

Unlike the recession of the 30’s where people cut back spending on entertainment to reserve money for physical purchases that were considered lasting, Americans today see experiences as the more permanent and ultimately more valuable commodity.

The Death Bear Will Take Away Your Painful Memories

Performance Artist Nate Hill has created Death Bear, a being that exists to remove the old mementos that keep people from moving on with their lives. Death Bear’s arranged visits illustrate that the impermanence of physical objects is even more significant in a world that is increasingly relying on the permanence of the cloud.

[image by Tattooed JJ]

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