Artist James Barnett creates landscape paintings from scenes found in 3D video games.

Artist James Barnett has created a series of well-executed fauvist oil paintings that look like something you might encounter in any fine gallery. The subtle difference is that his landscape paintings are of imaginary scenes found in 3D video games.

Barnett explains:

These aren’t from screenshots I found online; I navigated around inside of each of the games until I found a composition I liked, and then made a painting of it. I certainly spend more time in games than wandering the idyllic countryside. There’s a whole spiel behind this, starting from frustration at 3D games slavishly imitating real life (though this has been lessened thanks to Braid and others), but really, artists should shut up and make pictures. Just think of me with my blue smock, sun hat, and luxurious beard in front of an easel on a hill in Fallout 3.

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