Grant McCracken explains the role of a Chief Culture Officer.

Most of us read PSFK to get early warning and better intelligence.  This is useful in our own lives, and crucial for the organizations for which we work.  Now these organizations can choose their response.  And this is better than the standard modality of the American corporation: total surprise followed by blind reaction.

Prognostication would be easy if there were a single flight path along which change moved.  We would only need to monitor this path to see the future coming.  (And this was pretty much the way they did it in the 20th century, keeping an eye on taste elites and the avant garde.)  But now cultural developments can come from the worlds of cuisine, sports, music, fashion, movie making, web sites, new media. Chefs, point guards, engineers, indie bands, Hollywood producers, digital celebrities, new presidents, any of these can prove a decisive influence.

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