At this year's CES, Samsung has released two e-readers that feature note taking capabilities and come loaded with access to Google's one million title library.

While many dispatches from this year's CES point to a suddenly crowded field within the e-reader space, few have stood out as much as Samsung's new entrants. The E6 and E101 feature six and ten inch screens respectively, and mark the first time that any e-book device has supported onscreen note taking, a user-friendly feature that helps bridge one of the fundamental gaps in the reading experience when making the leap from paper. And perhaps an even more important factor in determining whether Samsung's e-readers pose a serious threat to the Kindle's market dominance, is their announced partnership with Google, a deal that will instantly net them a library of one million plus public domain titles that is growing every day. Along with these two major boons, the Samsung devices also promise to be social platforms that make sharing content and thoughts a seamless process. Both models are expected to be available sometime in early 2010, the E6 retailing for $399 and the E101 for $699.

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