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Due to strict noise pollution laws, it's become difficult to have an outdoor dance party in Goa, India.

Due to strict noise pollution laws, it’s become difficult to have an outdoor dance party in Goa, India (which has been a popular outdoor rave location for years).

The Silent Noise crew has found a way around this problem by holding weekly parties where attendees dance to music broadcast to wireless headphones. Instead of one central, pounding sound system, dancers have the choice of three different DJs playing unique styles of music.

CNNGo explains:

The headphone party (or “silent disco”) concept is not a new one – big European festivals including Glastonbury have been having headphone parties for years. U.K. DJ, event organizer and A&R man Justin Mason came to India on a yearlong sabbatical, fell in love with Palolem and decided to do something about Goa’s diminishing nightlife scene using the headphone party concept. The weekly Silent Noise parties started in 2006 with custom-designed imported equipment. Designing the optimal headphone and integrating a three-channel setup took two years, but it was well worth it. The sound quality is superb, and the multiple channels allows people to interact with each other while promoting healthy competition between the DJs.

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