(Video) Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine

(Video) Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola's "Happiness Machine" is the brand's first global video produced exclusively for viral distribution.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 21 january 2010

Coca-Cola’s new “Happiness Machine” video – the brand’s first global video produced exclusively for viral distribution – has racked up more than 729,000 views since launching on YouTube on January 12th.  Produced by Atlanta’s Definition 6, the video ties into Coke’s global “Open Happiness” campaign, and has not been used in TV ads. Its distribution and marketing thereof has been limited to a global Tweet and Facebook page announcement.

According to A.J. Brustein, a global senior brand manager at Coca-Cola, the video was conceived as a way to connect with teens and young adults outside of TV ads and online games. Brustein adds,

We wanted to give them something that would spread a bit of happiness and something they could pass on to their friends to keep the happiness flowing.

What makes this video unique – and relevant to the industry – is that it marks the brand’s first global viral effort.  While some local Coca-Cola markets have produced videos intended for viral distribution (a Christmas video done in Mexico, for instance), this is the iconic brand’s first global foray into a purely viral, digital engagement – without the support of high-reach TV media.

Coke’s hope is that this first viral effort will be deemed successful enough to lead to others.  It may also serve as an additional case study for brands – and an industry – already looking to digital efforts to deliver against targeted objectives at which TV (and its oftentimes distracted audience) falls short.

Video below:

[via MediaPost]

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