55% of Brazilian companies limit or completely prohibit the usage of online social networking and leisure websites on their premises. That’s more than double the world’s average of 20%.

It may be a cultural issue, but the fact is that 77% of Brazilian employers disagree with the results of a University of Melbourne study that indicates that workers are up to 9% more productive if allowed to use the internet for leisure during work hours. On the contrary, they consider these websites a fierce menace to productivity.

About 55% of Brazilian companies have strict policies towards using social networking or leisure websites during work hours, either limiting or completely prohibiting access to that kind of content. That’s more than double the world’s average of 20%. The finance sector is the strictest, with about 81% of the companies imposing heavy restrictions. Transportation comes next, with 65%, and education ties with the public sector in a close third, with 58%.

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