Codeorgan is an interesting website that uses website code to create unique musical compositions.

Codeorgan is an interesting web application that uses website code to create unique musical compositions. By analyzing the body content of any site, Codeorgan uses an algorithm to determine the key, synth style and drum loop that best fits the page

The Codeorgan site explains the technical details:

Firstly, the codeorgan scans the page contents and removes all characters not found in the musical scale (a to g), and then analyses the remaining characters to find the most commonly used ‘note’. If this is an even number the page is translated in to the major pentatonic scale of that particular note, it becomes minor if there is an uneven number. Secondly, the codeorgan defines which synthesizer to use. This is  based upon the total number characters used on the webpage – there are currently 10 synthesizer effects and the one chosen is picked based upon the percentage of content. Lastly, the codeorgan selects a drum loop based upon the ratio of characters on the page versus the number of characters that are actually musical notes – there are currently 10 different drum loops to pick from.

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