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Spiritual Altitudes by Deniz Hotamisligil (Los Angeles, CA)

Double-take photo set in which miniatures of California landscapes are designed to mimic an aerial perspective. [Project Link]

Typefaces for YWFT by Fontfabric (Sofia, Bulgaria) An extensive collection of type bound by a common thread of swirly, thick dispositions. [Project Link] Designcollector Calendar 2010 by Various A calendar collection comprised of twelve artists' visions of the year 2010, ranging from futuristic to naturalistic. [Project Link] Kraken Rum by Charmaine Choi (New York, NY) A complete campaign for “the world's first black spiced rum,” incorporating the legend of the Kraken into a site, web movies, and collateral. [Project Link] Summer Idents by MTV by Hilary Bunt (Sydney, Australia) Wacky MTV spots revolving around a wandering character composed entirely of summer ephemera. [Project Link]

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