(Data Visualization) The Mythical United States of Facebook

(Data Visualization) The Mythical United States of Facebook

Former Apple engineer Peter Warden has created a data visualization depicting local patterns in the 210 million profiles that populate Facebook.

Kyana Gordon
  • 9 february 2010

GigaOM guides us to the data visualization former Apple engineer Peter Warden created as a result of digging through the 210 million profiles that populate Facebook. His latest findings revealed patterns by location, drawing connections between places that share friends.

Warden’s qualitative analysis of Facebook users in the United States is divided into seven regions:

Stayathomia: The region stretches from New York to Minnesota, and its defining feature is how close most people are to their friends, suggesting residents don’t move far.

Dixie: Dixie towns tend to have links mostly to other nearby cities rather than spanning the country and Atlanta is the hub of the network, showing up in the top 5 list of almost every town in the region.

Greater Texas:
There’s a defined central city to this cluster (Dallas), unlike Stayathomia. Otherwise, most towns connect to their immediate neighbor.

Mormonia: The only area surrounded by another cluster, Mormonia mainly consists of Utah towns that are highly connected one another, with an offshoot in Eastern Idaho.

Nomadic West:
This region is defined by the likelihood of small towns connecting to distant cities, revealing how its inhabitants have moved around the county. Interesting to note, Starbucks is almost always the top fan page.

Los Angeles is the epicenter of this region and predominately everywhere in California and Nevada has links to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Californians outside major metropolitan areas tend to be most connected to other Californians.

This cluster is tightly connected to one another, Warden implies “it doesn’t look like Washingtonians are big travelers compared to the rest of the West.”

[via PeteSearch and GigaOm]

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