UK design firm Priestmangoode create a recovery lounge concept to better a short term hospital stay.

Watching the US healthcare forum yesterday reinforced the scale of the problem surrounding the current system. UK design firm Priestmangoode have begun issuing a series of manifestos examining the way design thinking could be employed to improve products and services. Their first, right on que, is dedicated to health service.

The design team identified Ten Radical Rules for Better Healthcare based on learnings from their experience working on projects for the airline and hotel industries. These include creating privacy for every patient, improving information systems for patients and families, and creating smarter more multifunctional spaces to improve efficiency and foster a higher quality of service. They've integrated these ten rules into a concept for a recovery lounge for patients needing only day surgery or a short-term stay at a hospital. The lounge aims to take some strain off the wait for a regular hospital bed.

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