Dunlin Provides Late Night Sanctuary For Shoppers

Dunlin Provides Late Night Sanctuary For Shoppers

The Dunlin shop conjures images of both the hip and urban, and an old world studio hidden from the bustle of the big city.

Laura Feinstein
  • 8 february 2010

With the consumer climate being what it is, stores have been pulling out all the stops to bring customers back into the fold.

This past September, New York City held its first ever Fashion’s Night Out; a global celebration of the entire industry where stores stayed open late to accommodate shopper’s schedules. The puzzling thing about the event, however, was that it was one of the first times retail businesses had thought to use this late-hours strategy, which had been largely overlooked in favor of slash sales and marketing gimmicks.

While the night was a huge success in terms of bringing new clients into shops and heightening awareness of brands, afterwards, the concept of extended hours was mostly forgotten. Fortunately, one store in Williamsburg , Brooklyn has taken note of the schedules of its neighborhood’s frequent shoppers, and has been keeping its doors open in conjunction with when most are arriving home from work (meaning those with the most disposable income). Dunlin bags, made in New York out of hand finished leather, bare all the trademarks of a heritage product. What has also helped Dunlin is that its store is an overall delight to be in – a relaxing space to view well crafted goods made with artisan care.

Created with painstaking detail by artists Shiho Nagashima and Ramana Goldstein, the store conjures images of both the hip and urban, and an old world studio hidden from the bustle of the big city (a tough feat considering it is a mere stones throw from theBQE). Besides creating an enjoyable habitat, the real fruits of Nagashima and Goldstein’s hard labor is that, as many independent shops in the neighborhood bloom and wither, Dunlin has been able to thrive using a mix of business savvy and the oldest marketing trick in the book- providing a genuinely well made product.

For those not in Brooklyn, you can visit their site and  lookbook at

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