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By the time you read this it will be a week since the Apple iPad was launched. There will also be just over a week to go before we have to endure the Super Bowl, or as the hoi polloi of the ad biz love to call it, “The Super Bowl of Advertising,” not accepting that it hasn’t been that for years. So, what do these two rather different events have to do with each other? I will explain.

Perhaps the single most famous and talked about television commercial of all time was the Ridley Scott directed Apple 1984 spot which launched the Mac during the 1984 game. Apart from the fact that in comparison to all the shitty IT advertising that preceded it, it was revolutionary; it was also unique in that it only ran once, yet had massive exposure and free air time on various news programs for weeks afterwards. (It actually ran one other time, in December, 1983, late at night in Twin Falls, Idaho. This was in order for it to qualify for all of next years advertising award shows, which it duly cleaned up at.) At the time, it was the most expensive commercial ever produced, costing $600, 000… Peanuts by today’s blow out prices. But can you imagine a client these days paying for the world’s most expensive spot, and agreeing to run it just once? No fucking way!

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