Providing some new eye candy for data visualization junkies, Jeff Clark of Neoformix has built four applications that visualize Twitter data.

Providing some new eye candy for data visualization junkies, Jeff Clark of Neoformix has built four applications that visualize Twitter data. The apps search for terms used in Twitter posts, then look for relationships to other words or to other users, and functions in almost real time.  However, two are particularly interesting in the amount of data they analyze, and the story they tell:

TwitterVenn allows you to enter three search terms, returning a venn diagram showing frequency of use of each term and frequency of overlap of the terms in a single tweet. As a bonus, it shows a small word map of the most common terms related to each search term; tweets per day for each term by itself and each combination of terms; and a recent tweet. StreamGraph returns the frequency of the most common words associated with a (single) search term for the last 1,000 tweets – by visualizing a literal flow of conversation. You can also highlight one term to see how its frequency changed over time, and you'll see the most recent tweets that include both your search term and that highlighted term.

Clark's Twitter data visualization apps may be particularly useful for Account Planners, Brand Managers and PR pros – or for anyone looking to better track and monitor Twitter conversations around particular brands or topics.  Establishing a picture of the context for the conversation (i.e., chatter around Apple's iPad, vs. the iPhone, vs. Jet Blue's customer service, or a delayed flight), and whether it runs mostly positive or negative, allows brands and others to subsequently be able to do address the negative chatter.

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