(Pics) Chris Rubino For The Distrikt Hotel

(Pics) Chris Rubino For The Distrikt Hotel

PSFK favorite Chris Rubino recently completed a collaboration with the newly-opened Distrikt Hotel.

Dan Gould
  • 22 february 2010

PSFK favorite Chris Rubino recently completed a collaboration with the newly-opened Distrikt Hotel.

The New York based hotel’s design concept pays homage to all of the unique neighborhoods found throughout New York City.  A different area of New York is represented on each of the 32 floors by a large back-lit collage created by Rubino and OTTE Architecture, the firm that designed the hotel.

Rubino explains the creative process behind the project.

The architecture firm Otte came to me, after seeing an exhibit I had in times square about nyc, with the concept of building a hotel that was reflective of the neighborhoods surrounding it (Manhattan). We decided to created 31 8ft lightboxes for each elevator lobby throughout the building. I explored a handful of directions for these works, some more illustrative and some more photo-based, in the end we found an interesting middle space for the collages to be developed. The architects and I went on to photograph as much of the city as we could, shooting iconic buildings and signs as well as the minutia that makes new york new york, in the end taking about 10,000 photos. During this time I was compiling sketches of the city and of people walking around it, after all of these elements came together I started to create the collages, working on all of the neighborhoods simultaneously in order to create a consistent look. In the end, segments of each of the 31 floors were used to created the two 22ft murals in the café as well as framed artworks in each of the 155 rooms. All of the typographic and more traditional design work was created to compliment the style of the building that OTTE had been developing for the past few years. In the end we were very happy with the balance of art, design & architecture. I think the building is a beautiful monument for our love of new york.

+Chris Rubino

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