Today, Grant Harrison and Dr. Jay Parkinson launched their design and innovation consulting firm, The Future Well.

Today, Grant Harrison and Dr. Jay Parkinson launched their design and health innovation consulting firm, The Future Well, which aims to design innovative practices that make a positive impact on health, happiness, and business. They have created a decentralized, cost-effective network of experts bound by a unified mission: “to improve health for all.” Dr. Jay Parkinson explains:

Health needs a total redesign. We need to make the health experience beautiful, pleasant, and a joy to interact with. For many reasons, the traditional healthcare space hasn't been able to do that very well. In fact, today's health experience is pretty miserable. So we figured we can add some elegance to new processes, services, and products that markedly improve health. The only way our nation's health will improve is through innovation– innovating how people engage with their lifestyles, with each other, and with services and products. We're going to see many, many new services and products in the health space in the next few years designed to keep us well. Healthcare is becoming way too expensive for the average American. We'll soon see that staying well is very much in our financial interest. There will be serious consumer demand for wellness. And staying well will require lovely services and products that are a joy to engage with. I'm very excited to play a part in shaping this new health innovation market.

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