The Role Of Curation In Journalism

The Role Of Curation In Journalism

What should a modern newsroom look like?

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 february 2010

A recent article on ponders what a modern internet-era newsroom should look like; proposing how the newsroom could be staffed to meet the needs of web-based journalism. Most interesting is the article’s idea that journalism can be broken down into three distinct categories:

  1. Reporters (journalists and bloggers) conducting first person reporting; original stories, not just reposting rewritten wire copy.
  2. Columnists (bloggers, journalists and experts) who begin conversations and provide another perspective for stories
  3. Curators (journalists and amateurs) who “‘cover’ the news by sorting, verifying and editing live everything good existing on the web and in the media. They make link journalism, they make the news more accessible.

What makes these categories interesting is the recognition of the role of curators in covering news – picking content from vast web and media sources that is most interesting to its audience.  One might notice that this is a key part of the role PSFK plays for our readers – complemented by both original reporting, and adding our perspective on what could be most telling from the pieces that cross our path.  Monocle is an example of a publication that arguably structures its journalistic content along these three areas, primarily from a print perspective.

It’s encouraging to see the role of curation being valued, and given its place in the online journalism landscape.

Towards the Google Newsroom, a revolution for media

[via TechDirt]

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