Trendero: Crowdsourced Local Lifestyle Intel

Trendero: Crowdsourced Local Lifestyle Intel

Trendero is a website that relies on global users to submit ideas and intelligence worth sharing from their local area.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 26 february 2010

Trendero is a website that relies on global users to submit ideas that are worth sharing in their local area. Topics such as slang in Tokyo, fun but bizarre things to do on a night out in Atlanta, up and coming Austin bands and restaurants in Miami are all entered into its database, and located on a Google map.  You can zoom in from a world map to a country, city, and neighborhood level, and see what local users recommend to check out.  Results can be narrowed down based on location, type of trend, how recently it was reported, and how many times it’s been spotted.

Trendero views its purpose as helping you “Live Like a Global Insider” (so much so that they trademarked it) by:

…offering anyone, anywhere around the world the same outlet to the Trendero community, in the best tradition of citizen journalism.  Trendero intends to uncover the most authentic, fresh news about global lifestyles anywhere on the web.

It will be interesting to see how many (and if) these trends are reported using location-based services like FourSquare, or if one must be tied to a computer. The website doesn’t currently make that distinction clear – it appears to be working updates at the moment.  And the question also remains of how Trendero plans to earn revenues over time.

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