Withings Wi-Fi Scale Partners With Google Health

Withings Wi-Fi Scale Partners With Google Health

Withings has partnered with Google Health to connect their Wi-Fi scale directly to your personal record, approaching a realtime picture of overall health and fitness.

Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 8 february 2010

Within the growing world of internet-enabled devices, we’ve begun to see an evolution from slightly outlying uses – plants that tweet when they need water or fertilizer – to more mainstream manifestations that can begin to change people’s actions and behaviors – thermostats connected to the energy grid. Alongside these ‘smart’ appliances that manage and report their use of resources, the next field tapping into this connectivity appears to personal health.

To that end, the Withings Wi-Fi Scale automatically sends an individual’s weight to a personal web page that they can access via PC or phone, allowing them deeper insight into their progress and fitness. And while this is exciting in its own right, the company recently announced a partnership with Google Health – an online service that creates a shareable personal health record all in one location –  that enables Withings owners to push their weight information out to health care providers, family and friends, approaching a realtime picture of a person’s overall health.

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