The SPARKscience platform combined with the SPARKvue mobile app brings physical computing and sensor-driven learning to the classroom.

PASCO is a manufacturer that has developed the SPARKscience platform, a series of applications designed for educational environments that provide for sensor-based data collection and  interactive visualization and data analysis. PASCO has now integrated this platform with the mobile application SPARKvue, that allows users to connect and monitor any of nearly 70 physical and chemical sensor devices with their iPhones and iPads.

With these “probeware” add-ons ranging from heartrate to atmospheric pressure to pH level to thermocline sensors, the SPARKscience system gives students a diverse range of tools to explore physical phenomenon and translate results into digital information. In addition to educational uses, the ease of connection with mobile devices means that users of all interests can quickly build their own personal monitoring systems for a range of needs.

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