Cafés Double Up As Newsrooms For Hyperlocal Journalists

Cafés Double Up As Newsrooms For Hyperlocal Journalists

A news outlet in Czech Republic has opened a chain of newscafes, which act as traditional cafes as well as newsrooms for local journalists.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 march 2010

A Czech Republic based news outlet, Nase Adresa, is operating a chain of newscafés, which serve as newsrooms for its journalists reporting on highly targeted local news. They also act as traditional cafés offering a range of beverages and snacks for the general public.

Nase Adresa’s parent company, PPF Media, says:

The purpose of the cafés is to offer the readership “obstacle-free” access to reporters and editors, allowing direct interaction between media and the populace, thus fostering the full involvement of the readership in the creation and development of the contents of the local periodical.

Nase Adresa is optimistic on the future of its unique business model. It plans to open 89 newscafés by the end of 2011, and is hiring young journalists to fill up the positions.

PPF Media

[via True Slant]

Image by Cafemama

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