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Schweppes 1+1=3 by David Ponce de Leon (Melbourne, Australia) An ad campaign for Schweppes, which explains that “sometimes the most magical experiences don’t quite make sense.” [Project Link] comforTABLE by Camillo Vanacore, D’ and Carlo Miatello (Rome, Italy) Cultures blend and eras merge in this adjustable, mechanical dining table. [Project Link] Ambi Pur “Pink Flowers Room Spray” by Jacques Pense (Stuttgart, Germany) An inventive advertisement in which the burst of fragrance from room spray is visualized as a lush, blossoming flower. [Project Link] iPad and the wired (and wireless) future of media and infotainment by Charis Tsevis (Athens, Greece) Illustration set for Greek computer magazine RAM, representing our future “wired” selves. [Project Link] TYR Swimwear by Tim Tadder (Los Angeles, CA) Glossy, glowing advertisements with a cool “frozen in time” effect. [Project Link]

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