Bar’s Prices Fluctuate Like The Stock Market

Bar’s Prices Fluctuate Like The Stock Market

A bar in New York will price its items based on the stock market model.

Naresh Kumar
  • 31 march 2010

A bar in New York City is planning to price its menu items as though they were stocks. The Exchange Bar and Grill, opening on April 1st, will have the prices of its drinks and food fluctuate like the stock market, based on people placing orders on certain drinks.

The co-owner of the bar, Damon Bae explains:

It’s supply and demand. If everyone is drinking one thing, the price will go up in 25-cent increments. There will be a list of beers that will start out at $6. As people buy them, the prices will go as high as $8 or as low as $4, based on their demand.

The bar will also put up a flashing ticker tape like Wall Street’s to complete the stock market like atmosphere.

NY Post: “Well-‘stocked’ tavern”

[via Gothamist]

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