(Pics) Levi’s Opens British Flagship Store

(Pics) Levi’s Opens British Flagship Store

The Levi's British flagship store is relaunching today with an emphasis on raw history twinned with contemporary design.

Tarik Fontenelle
  • 31 march 2010

The Levi’s British flagship store is relaunching tomorrow amid much hoorah, (N*E*R*D visited yesterday after all) and thus continuing the same residency on Regent Street that has lasted 16 years. The store is captivating, with amazingly attentive detailing throughout, as the brand have successfully stripped the space back to reveal raw history twinned with contemporary design. Victorian brickwork, industrial casings and original factory furnishings reflect the weight Levi’s is placing on the brand’s rich heritage, whilst these references to the past are combined with a modernity focused on craft innovation.

Indeed impressive, the expansive retail space stretches over two floors, and holds many the nook and cranny to find yourself preoccupied with — from clever classifications and displays, to an entirely visible stockroom and central lift. The foyer cum courtyard space at the front of the store doubles up as a liberated gallery area that shall play host to exhibits and parties and, I am ensured, shall continue encouraging the creative energy that is being championed so fruitfully by the brand. The level of detailing exceeds even the most finicky of standards – for example ‘XX’s, first conceived to signify the XX strength of the Levi’s denim, are subtly seeped across and throughout the retail destination, from stairs to doors. The simplicity on the surface of the consistent design is shrewdly contrasted by the stories found within each and every turn.

Levi Regent Street

Designed by previous Design Agency of the year winners Checkland Kindleysides, the aesthetically designed warehouse theme depicts a contemporary image of a brand steeped deeply in the construction elements behind its trade. This is perhaps best summed up by the genuine archive piece that is found in the downstairs area – a hundred year old pair of jeans originally found deep within a mine in the Californian Mojave Desert and are still in almost pristine condition. They look like they could have been made yesterday, and the piece stand as a signifier of what the brand, and the store, is all about – crafted durability; history and heritage; unyielding timelessness.

The store can be found here. It’s definitely worth a look.


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