Promoting Better Awareness Of Water Resources Through Art

Promoting Better Awareness Of Water Resources Through Art
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Using visual cards placed on Boston's water fountains, Linda Ciesielski of MIT intends to make people aware of water resources and the need to protect them.

Naresh Kumar
  • 25 march 2010

Project Discrete Supply, initiated by Linda Ciesielski, a student at MIT, aims to promote better awareness of water resources and the need to preserve them. Under this public art project which started in Boston, Linda posted visual and informative cards on the city’s water fountains. These cards mention the source of the water, the Quabbin Reservoir, and its distance from a fountain. The back of the cards have more details about the water source and how much water it supplies to the city.

Linda plans to put similar cards in Istanbul’s historical Ottoman fountains, focusing on the city’s rich water heritage and the threats it faces because of deforestation and urbanization.

Linda believes that making people aware of water supplies is the first step towards its conservation. She adds:

Awareness of a resource is the first step toward protection. I had fun with this project and these markers because I was playing with the unexpected; I think that’s how you get people’s attention, if only for a moment. If sharing information about water or the environment becomes formulaic, no one will even look. I think that’s the role of art in the environment — to get people to see themselves or where they are from a different angle.

TreeHugger: “From Source to Spigot: Using Art to Illuminate Two Cities’ Historical Water Supplies”

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