Qualcomm’s Wireless Health Program For Future Digital Healthcare

Qualcomm’s Wireless Health Program For Future Digital Healthcare

Qualcomm's wireless health program is planning to create a Body Area Network, in which sensors put in a patient will transfer real time data about his medical condition to the physician.

Naresh Kumar
  • 10 march 2010

Qualcomm’s Wireless Health Program aims to cut down on the time taken by doctors to acquire their patients’ data, thus freeing them to fully concentrate on treating the patients. The program plans to create a network of sensors inside a human body, dubbed as Body Area Network, that can interpret and transfer data wirelessly to the physician.

Qualcomm’s technology has already helped develop wireless pills which send data through an electrical impulse to a sensor in the abdomen.

Wired has more of the story:

Qualcomm is looking at how wireless data collection can make simpler healthcare tasks easier, too. A cellular chip the size of a one-pound coin is being trialled in home medical equipment that require consumables — think inhalers — so that the device can automatically order more supplies when you’re running low.

A few trials of wireless health technology have already been done by companies such as Cardionet, with positive results.

Wired: “Qualcomm’s vision of future digital healthcare explored”

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