In Brief

Scientists have developed a smart roof coating out of waste cooking oil that can regulate temperature and save energy costs.

A research team from United Environment & Energy has developed a smart roof coating made from waste cooking oil that can regulate temperature with changes in weather. This coating can change from absorbing heat to reflecting it when the temperature crosses a preset point.

The team used the waste oil to make it into an unscented, non-flammable liquid polymer. The leader of the research project, Ben Wen, explained the potential benefits of this product:

This bio-based intelligent roof coating, compared with a traditional cool roof, could reduce both heating and cooling costs as it responds to the external environment. It will help save fuel and electricity and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds from petroleum-based roofing products. In addition, it will provide a new use for millions of gallons of waste oil after it is used to cook french fries and chicken nuggets.

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