Spike Jonze Wants You To Spend Your Saturdays With Him


A new VBS video series features intimate video interviews conducted by Spike Jonze.

Laura Feinstein
  • 10 march 2010

For those of you who follow VBS, you already know it’s currently providing some of the most innovative and insightful social commentary on the web. Their recently promoted documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad shed light on a thriving subculture often overshadowed by images of war and instability in the region by other news outlets. However, now there’s a new reason to check out the site — instead of journeying through the closed doors of North Korea or the pollution in your local neighborhood, Spike Jonze (of Beastie Boys and Where The Wild Things Are fame) is taking you inside the minds of some of your favorite creatives. The series, entitled Spike Spends Saturday is exactly what it sounds like- a Charlie Rose-esque sit down with contemporary icons such as MIA, Kanye West, and Shane Smith.

A Natural Curiosity About the Creative Process

Jonze (whose affable nature truly brings out the best in his subjects) journeys to their home, office, or place of inspiration to simply spend a day taking about what fuels their medium. Most recent to go under Jonze’s lens was the team behind Opening Ceremony, one of the most cutting-edge fashion outlets in the world — with a vast network of in-the-knows from Japan to NYC’s own Ace  Hotel where they recently opened a satellite shop. In the videos, Jonze ventures to their Soho outpost to interview Humberto Leon and Carol Lim- the duo masterminding the Opening Ceremony brand. In the interview you get the sense that Jonze asks his subjects questions out of a genuine interest to understand what drives them and a natural curiosity about the creative process– a motive sadly missing from most contemporary media and which proves to be the most refreshing thing about the series.

True Chemistry

While it’s truly driving to hear what the pair has to say about starting their own business, a place which from conception was intended to act more as a gathering space for friends and contemporaries, the true chemistry between Jonze and his subjects makes for the most interesting viewing. However, knowing what we do about Jonze’s connection to Opening Ceremony, we can’t help but be curious as to what it was like to work with the pair firsthand and what inspired his own line. Though Spike’s fans for now can only muse, perhaps in the future this multi-talented renaissance man might gift us with a Saturday spent with himself.

Be sure to check out Jonze’s interview with Leon and Lim Below:

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