TabbedOut is an iPhone application which allows users to order and pay for their tabs at local bars.

TabbedOut is a new iPhone application which enables users to order, review and pay for their tabs at bars.

GigaOm explains how the application works:

The way TabbedOut works is you store your credit or debit card account on your phone, then file your order through the app. It pops up on the merchant’s point-of-sale system for them to fulfill your order and accept your payment (right now TabbedOut is integrated with Future POS and Jumpware). Users pay a convenience fee of 99 cents.

Right now, this application is only available at a few venues in Austin, Texas but ATX Innovation, makers of TabbedOut, plan to make it available in New Jersey, LA, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area soon. The company is also getting the word out by handing out free tabs during SXSW in Austin.

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