Brazil is about to have its first entirely eco-friendly theater - and it's going to be a social, collaborative enterprise.

The theatrical group TeatroSilva started in 2008, through the union of public school students and youngsters who live in the Tucuruvi, Jaçanã and Jova Rural areas, in São Paulo’s Northern outskirts. Sandro Baal Demarÿ and Juliana Pereira Felippe, the couple who idealized TeatroSilva, wanted to approach educational issues through the arts, acting and music.

Up until now, the group had been been using a room lent by a public school to undertake its activities. This led to  a series of restrictions, such as not being able to use the space during weekends or holidays, as well as having to deal with facilities which were often in precarious conditions. Now the school will undergo a major renovation and the room used by TeatroSilva will be demolished.

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