The ideaList Matches Creatives With Clients

The ideaList Matches Creatives With Clients

How do creatives not involved in the big agency world make their big ideas happen?

Kyana Gordon
  • 9 march 2010

How do creatives not involved in the big agency world make their big ideas happen? Enter, ideaLists, a matchmaking network built upon the mission of connecting good, unrealized ideas with those who have the capacity to realize them. Bypassing the traditional agency model, theIdeaLists functions as a problem-solving tool, pairing briefs with creative and future clients. Currently in beta, the  invitation-only website is geared towards communication professionals, allowing its members to post their ideas in a protected environment where compensation is garnered for ideas put into action.

The ideaLists was created by Adam Glickman, the founder of Tokion Magazine, whose most recent projects have included launches for BBH Labs and Nike Sportswear. Inviting creatives from all types of industries and observing the serendipity that occurs is a unique facet of the site that Glickman noticed. He further explains his reasons for launching ideaLists:

Why did I create this site? Out of frustration with antiquated agency methods that drive up costs and make it hard to get good ideas realized. Personally, I was frustrated by having a stack of good ideas that were never realized due to lack of budget, off-timing, not knowing the right strategic partners, politics, etc. The age-old adage “its not what you know but who you know” is an enemy of idea iteration.By side-stepping some of the pre-existing layers (some might call these middle-men) and by making information more accessible, executions becomes more efficient on multiple levels, creating new relationships and opportunities not previously possible.

The ideaLists: A For Ideas, Creatives, And Clients

Proof that the model is working is evidenced in the first match Idealist created between Incase, director Adam Neustadter, and the band Telepathe. The union came about when Incase was looking to explore new ground with an online video series. IdeaLists’ role was to offer three potential solutions. Though the budget was low, interest among talented creatives would be piqued by the opportunity to work with the brand. Among the three treatments one came from a design and motion graphics agency, another from an established cinematographer, and the last one from Ghost Robot, a New York based production company interested in building the reel of one of its talented, young directors, Adam Neustadter.

Incase loved the young director’s treatment and the process differed from an agency approach since the production company presented directly to the client with complete creative control of the concept. The end result was a collaborative effort and cross-promotional vehicle for the three parties involved. A client looking to explore online film connects with a young director  who was given the opportunity to build his reel, and a band received three free music videos and discovered unique ways to market their music. Damon Way, Chief Brand Officer at Incase shares his experience:

Working with The ideaLists as a conduit was extremely efficient. It allowed us to very quickly align our interests and goals directly with a like-minded and talented creative group that was ready to ideate and execute in a matter of days from our initial posting. I see it as a positive solution to fast tracking ideas without being held up in the arduous negotiations that typically occur with formalizing a relationship of this manner.

The ideaLists

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