US Pushing To Deploy More Ethical Hackers For Cybersecurity

US Pushing To Deploy More Ethical Hackers For Cybersecurity

The United States is pushing its recruitment drive to employ more cyber-experts for digital security.

Naresh Kumar
  • 18 march 2010

With more cyber attacks than ever before,  and facing a shortage of experts, the US government and some private firms have started unconventional strategies to bring more potential cyber experts in their fold.

Among those who are pushing this recruitment drive is Alan Paller, co-founder of Sans Institute cyber-security school. Alan initiated a Cyber Challenge last year in which participants were required to hack into servers. Some of the participants were hired by National Security Agency, while the FBI and Air Force too decided to offer internship to future winners.

A potential flip side to such competitions is that, the skills they learn could be turned against the law. However, Alan, while admitting it as an inherent risk, says that its worth it in the face of a shortage of experts and defending the country from incessant cyber attacks.

[Newsweek via Switched]


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