Wasted Spaces provides new exhibition opportunities for young artists.

Artists have always had to make do with what they've got. In tough economic times such as these, galleries close frequently and so playing it safe is the norm in the current climate. So, how do artists get their work exhibited if it's not, well, “big paintings”? It's a question that Wasted Spaces is presently experimenting with in London. Their mission: “transform vacant properties and other unloved spaces into exciting art experiences.”

Dilapidated, outmoded spaces are re-imagined as places where artists can exhibit and  interact with a perhaps museum-marginalized community. One could say that this is already been done with street art's rise into the art cannon. However, the story occurring here acts in reverse. It asks artists and the audience to question the appropriate presentation of art and what exchange value can both receive by cutting out the traditional art market.

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