A company in the US is building a network of underground shelters to accommodate people in case of a catastrophe.

A US Firm, Vivos, is building 20 underground shelters across the country to accommodate around 4000 people in case of a catastrophe such as an earthquake, tsunami or threat scenario such as a terrorist attack making it undesireable to live on land. The company claims that each Vivos complex, designed to survive any catastrophe or threat, will be a fully self sufficient shelter, complete with TVs, computers, a hospital ward, fuel, food, clothing and security, enabling people to live comfortably for up to 1 year. Vivos says that the network of shelters will be strategically located across the country from coast to coast. The cost to purchase a slot in each shelter is $50,000 and Vivos will screen individuals before inviting those they think would best contribute to the shelter community.

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