American Apparel’s Creative Reuse

American Apparel’s Creative Reuse
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American Apparel has devised an ingenious way to make use of fabric waste.

Laura Feinstein
  • 22 april 2010

Just in time for Earth Day comes a crafty new project from American ApparelCreative Reuse. The idea behind this ingenious plan is that the template used to cut fabric for garments always leaves a little material left over. Instead of tossing these piece, AA tries to design other styles which can be made out of that remaining fabric, at the same time as the originally intended garment is being manufactured. This cuts down waste both in terms of time and materials and is called “Mixed Marker” styles- a marker being the guide workers and machines use to cut the fabric. Things like underwear, bathing suits, and even more complicated garments like tank tops or pants can be made this way.

In addition AA will also be making some styles out of pure scraps – like scrunchies and hair bows. Be sure to check back in the future, as they’ll be rolling out a brand new site later this season.

Creative Reuse

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