Thurston Moore embarks on a new type of education for children--sound.

Noise is a curious thing. Claude Shannon once said it is a conduit for communication and therefore more noise means more communication. Steve Goodman has looked at its deployments from the military to dancehall. However, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore thinks it's a topic most fitting for kids, and will give a lecture open to children ages 8-12.

Benefitting P.S. 126's art program, PSFK conference speakers Partners & Spade will host “A Dissertation on White Noise” on Sunday, April 11th. Apparently, this lecture is one in a series of the Avant-Garde Preschool. It's true the Dadaist and Surrealists exhibited a very childlike approach to art, but white noise is a totally different ball game. It will be interesting to see if Moore is able to approach such an abstract topic with a meaningful impact to his young audience. If anyone can, we're sure he would be one of the few.

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