Bach Meets Break Dancing

Bach Meets Break Dancing

A series of performances in Berlin has a dance troupe breakdancing to the music of Bach.

Naresh Kumar
  • 26 april 2010

A unique performance series featuring a crossover of classical music and break dancing was launched in Berlin last week, with a dance troupe ‘breaking’ to the legendary composer Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”.

The 70 minute Red Bull Flying Bach performance has music director Christoph Hagel on the on the piano, a few other talented musicians on other music instruments and six dancers from the Flying Steps dancing troupe. Mr. Hagel said that he suggested Bach for this crossover project as his music is modern and fits to the style of break dancing.

“What was interesting for me was to show visually, through the dancers, the structure of Bach fugues. The idea was for Bach to become street art and for break dance to become art,” said Mr. Hagel.

The performances end May 17th.

Red Bull Flying Bach

NY Times: “In Berlin, Break Dancing to Bach”


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