Cadillac’s Cool Hunting iPad App

Cadillac’s Cool Hunting iPad App

Cadlillac's iPad application was created in partnership with Cool Hunting and Front Ended.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 5 april 2010

BBH has just announced their first iPad application, the Cool Hunting app developed for Cadillac in partnership with Cool Hunting and Front Ended. The app offers a daily curation of design, culture and technology news, aligning with associated stories and aspects of Cadillac’s new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe vehicles,  slated to release in mid-summer. The app was tailored for the iPad to explore the spaces between print and web, offline and online content.

Cadillac’s key goals were to build excitement for the vehicles’ release, and to garner handraisers for additional information. To that end, a library of design, technology and cultural content was selected to align with a number of stories and aspects of Cadillac vehicles.  This mash up allows the Cadillac brand to bring to life some of the more esoteric brand and design attributes of its vehicles with culturally-relevant content that its target audience is likelier to be engaged by than a press release with technical specs.

According to BBH,

The “creative ambition” was to create a groundbreaking experience for consuming content on the iPad – one that becomes multidimensional with articles, photos, and videos in ways that were never possible before on the web or in the mobile space. We also wanted to propose a new advertising model for publications for the device – one that avoids slapping display advertising on everything and instead envelops the most appropriate and desired content for people. So we’re putting the brand in right place in providing great content to people rather than distracting them from it.

In order to capitalize on the iPad’s advantages – larger screen size may invite users to spend more time with the device than on an iPhone, for instance – BBH’s goal was to incite users to interact with the design, as opposed to just looking at it.  To that end, BBH decided to take it a step further by changing the experience based on how you hold the device; the default article view will allow users to elect how they rather consume the content – vertically or horizontally. While that opens up new opportunities for users, it also requires that everything be designed twice – both for the landscape and the vertical layout.

The iPad’s novelty implies that many of the apps available for its Saturday launch will be testing ground for the developers and brands that will now need to wait and see what role the iPad takes in users’ lives – how they interact with it, how much time they spend on it, and what uses it is ultimately best suited for.

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