Become A Fantasy Creature With Weta Legs

Become A Fantasy Creature With Weta Legs

Weta Legs, the digitigrade legs used by characters playing mythical creatures in movies and television, are now commercially available for public.

Naresh Kumar
  • 30 april 2010

Weta Legs are professional digitigrade leg extensions used by special effects artists in movies and television, and are for the first time commercially available to the public. The legs were developed by a Washington based sculptor, Kim Graham in collaboration with the famed Weta Workshop of New Zealand. Weta Legs can be easily customized to look like digitigrade legs of demons, dragons or robots. The legs are jointed at the knee and ankle to enable natural movement, with a unique tread design that makes it possible for wearers to stand still.

Weta Legs come in two sizes and are available for sale for $945 on their official site.

Here’s a demo of Weta legs in action:

Weta Legs

[via MentalFloss]


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