World Fare is the world's first BUStaurant, a double-decker mobile restaurant in Los Angeles that aims to elevate the experience of curbside dining.

If 2009 was the year that street food went gourmet – offering portable, haute cuisine to street level gourmands – and social – tweeting real-time location information to the mobile masses – then perhaps 2010 is all about elevating the curbside dining experience. Enter World Fare, the brainchild of Travis Schmidt and Jason Freeman, a four-wheeled restaurant that has taken this notion literally.

Billed as the world's first BUStaurant, the converted double-decker bus recently began serving cross-cultural food and drinks to the residents of Los Angeles – a city already much ballyhooed for its bevy of carts and trucks. The lower level features a full-fledged kitchen and window for ordering, while the upstairs offers open-air seating with views of the surroundings.

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