Buy One Get One Bee

Buy One Get One Bee

Save the bees is the core message being delivered by two current brand-led campaigns in the UK.

Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 15 april 2010

Back in March, New York City’s board of health voted to lift a ban and legalize beekeeping within the city limits, highlighting an understanding of the bee’s central role in shaping ecosystems and a growing desire to reverse the effects of colony collapse. Two new brand-led campaigns in the UK point to an expansion of this trend and its potential ability to influence consumer perception.

British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is furthering its green agenda at its Gloucestershire store, which already includes rainwater collection and a kinetic energy recovery system installed within its parking lot, by adding eight bee hotels in an effort to promote local pollination in the surrounding agricultural region. The habitats have been created from sustainably sourced wood and recycled materials, and the surrounding lands have been replanted to support a greater variety of flora, helping to improve the overall health of the bee population.

Innocent Drinks Buy One Get One Bee

Meanwhile, recognizing the direct relationship between their core business – selling juices -and the pollination of fruits and vegetables, wholesome beverage makers, Innocent Drinks, is teaming up with the National Trust and the Federation of Irish Beekeepers to help save bee colonies through the marketing of their latest concoction. Called “Buy One Get One Bee,”  the new smoothie features a blend of honey, lemon and ginger with sales going to support the installation of 40 new hives back into the UK.


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