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Sting One – 1/3 of 2010 by Alberto Russo (Lausanne, Switzerland) Geometric (and highly detailed) celebrity portraits featuring the likes of Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. [Project Link] White Theory_Spring Summer 2010 by VENTURY PARIS (Paris, France) These stark, structural furniture pieces are hyper-modern, with the slightest dash of classicism. [Project Link] Depthcore – EVE by Raphael Vicenzi (Brussels, Belgium) Layered, pastiche-driven illustrations artfully meld materials, mediums, and female portraiture. [Project Link] British Higher School of Art and Design Brochure by Roman Krikheli (Moscow, Russia) An educational piece that boldly showcases student's work across disciplines/mediums. [Project Link] BEYOND MONDAY : THE GLITCH MOB by Brandon Hirzel (Los Angeles, CA) This video highlights an installation in which “live electronic music meets architectural projection-mapping synchronized in the depths of Los Angeles' industrial district.” [Project Link]

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