A Hundred Lovers: Ad Agency As Record Label

A Hundred Lovers: Ad Agency As Record Label

As part of a new Diesel campaign, Anomaly has both created the ad, and released the accompanying song through their Anomaly Music Group.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 2 april 2010

Diesel has launched an interactive video to support its spring/summer line.  The video is essentially a “cute” music video in which multiple dancers wearing various Diesel spring/summer line fashions snap their fingers, and step and sway to a choreographed dance. The song is titled “A Hundred Lovers”, by an artist named Josep (whom also appears in the video). As an element within the brand’s “Be Stupid” campaign, the online video allows viewers to interact by clicking on arrows corresponding to articles of clothing that may catch their eyes. In “stupid” fashion, you can also click on the arrow above the actors/dancers to learn about who they are and what makes them “stupid”.

While this interactive online video is a more entertaining approach than a traditional stylized but static look book or catalogue, it’s still reminiscent of Uniqlo’s approach, in which merchandise is worn by models – or average people – that a user can select to further interact with in order to obtain selected product and purchase information.

However, one particularly noteworthy element of the campaign is actually about Diesel’s agency – Anomaly. When you click on the song title, you’re ultimately directed to iTunes, where you may notice that Anomaly Music Group is responsible for the release of the track.  We’ve talked about agencies utilizing their creative brainpower to branch out into other lines of business, including product development. Anomaly is one of the most noted agencies that has pursued advertising and client-independent new business pursuits in the past – including launching a t-shirt line, or creating programming content.  Finding and releasing new music artists feels like a natural fit, given an agency’s role in identifying the right track to complement a campaign – and the importance of music to both consumers and brands.

Kudos to Anomaly for redefining an agency’s traditional role, and business model – and for releasing a sweet, catchy track.  We hope it will help elevate Josep to a broader audience.

Watch the video below:

[via Creative Social]

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