It seems the DIY world exists even in the couture world of Paris.

It seems the DIY world exists even in the couture world of Paris.  Sweat Shop is a ‘sewing café’ that provides up to 10 sewing stations with a large communal table anchored at the center for pattern cutting and textile preparations.  Situated by the St Martin canal, Sweat Shop aims to create a fashion version of a wifi café; SINGER sponsored the sewing machines which are available by the hour for anyone interested to make their own pillow case or merely patch up a torn dress.  In a city like Paris renowned to house ateliers for some of the world’s most prolific fashion designers, more of the right kinds of ‘sweat shops’ such as these need to start mushrooming.  The brainchild of Martena Duss, a make up artists for brands such as Celine, Yves Saint Laurent and Margiela shows, Sweat Shop adopts an antique look for the interior design of the retail space and an apt modern mantra; ‘Less buying – more trying’.

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