PSFK and the Purple List present our annual list of ten brands with a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

Nintendo has proved itself worthy of being a good brand by providing tools that are versatile and useful beyond their prime intent, allowing for imaginative re-purposing. By re-imagining the gaming console with Wii, the company has attracted both gamers and audiences on the periphery to embrace the brand. With its strategic partnership with Netflix, Nintendo has been able to grow beyond the gaming category, as a more expansive entertainment brand.

The company’s portable gaming system has been re-purposed for educational purposes as well. Japanese McDonald’s employees have been trained using the Nintendo DS with great success. As new advancements are made in both interface design and interactivity (such as the the integration of 3D technologies into the DS), Nintendo will no doubt focus efforts on further broadening the brand to reach more people at every consumer touch point.

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