PSFK and the Purple List present our annual list of ten brands with a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

From the Good Brands Report 2010:

Apple’s positioning in the imagination and innovation categories solidify its standing as a true game-changer. The brand’s commitment to top-line thinking and new product design not only drives user engagement—it defines it. As with the introduction of the iPad, improved iPhones and iPods, the brand creates its own categories, reigniting demands and motivating consumers to follow.

Through the seamless design of apps, and their impact on the syncopation of software and hardware offerings, Apple has made it easy for consumers to move smoothly within the product family. The company has also made its computers smaller, sleeker and greener, for minimized physical and environmental impact on its users’ lives. The true nature of a successful brand is to constantly create new value for its customers, and Apple does precisely that.

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